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Re-Elect Dr. John Headding for Mayor


Public Officials

*titles for identification purposes only.

Dawn Addis

Morro Bay City Councilmember

Laurel Barton

Morro Bay City Councilmember

Tim Cowan

Past President, Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce

Jen Ford

Morro Bay City Councilmember

Bruce Gibson

San Luis Obispo Supervisor, District 2

Joseph Ingraffia

Morro Bay Planning Commissioner

Jamie Irons

Former Morro Bay City Mayor

Christine Johnson

Former Morro Bay City Councilmember

Matt Makowetski

Former Morro Bay City Councilmember

Marlys McPherson

Former Morro Bay City Councilmember

Dawn Ortiz-Legg

San Luis Obispo Supervisor, District 3

Jimmy Paulding

San Luis Obispo Supervisor-elect, District 4

Noah Smuckler

Former Morro Bay City Councilmember

Community Members

Ed & Rhonda Arbogast

Homer & Dede Alexander

Mary Ayoob

Brenda Beaver

Ed & Monica Bischof

David & Amy Burton

James Clevenger

Matthew & Sarah Colletti

Joseph & Patricia Costa

Colby “Concho” Crotzer

Timothy & Carol Daniels

Gail Davis

Ric Deschler

Travis Ford

Dr. Greg Frye

Cheri Gibson

Jan Goldman

Janet Gould

Brian & Kelly Griffiths

Walter & Jane Heath

Monica Irons

Lee Johnson

William Johnson

Marti & Roni Lomeli

Bill & Delayna Luffee

Diana Makowetski

Johnie Medina

Lynda & Frank Merrill

“We believe Mayor Headding has done a good job as our Mayor. He has proven he can lead our City even during a crisis, Covid 19. He has faced the problems rather than study them! We give our support to John Headding.”

Joey & Christie Montoya

Hemant & Jalpa Patel

Darren Pitcher

Peter & Christine Presnel

Doug & Susan Redican

Jim & Pat Reed

Doug & Shelly Rogers

Mike & Krista Rooney

Walt & Lee Schob

Glenn Silloway

Dr. Bob & Carol Swain

John & Joyce Texeira

Dori Thurber

Jerry & Nancy Weber

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