Experience • Leadership • Vision

Re-Elect Dr. John Headding for Mayor

As your Mayor, I have worked hard to:


  • Revised major city financial policies to improve transparency and reporting to our community.
  • Balanced the city budget every year while on council.
  • Significantly increased City financial reserves.
  • Dealt with the devastating effects of COVID-19 on the cities budget allowing for the approval of another balance budget for this year.
  • Completed a city fee study and cost allocation plan improving recovery of costs for services provided by the city.
  • Approved a comprehensive set of revenue enhancement options for the city.
  • Decreased the cities pension liability (CalPERS).
  • Approved a new revised waterfront lease policy.
  • Approved the inclusion of vacation rentals into the Tourism Business Improvement  District (TBID).
  • Won 2 national awards for excellence in financial reporting and transparency for cities. (National award)


  • Broke ground  on our new water reclamation facility (WRF), secured low interest federal and state loans markedly decreasing debt service costs for the project by over $30 million.
  • Continued local road improvement projects.
  • Approved a contracted study for a parking management plan to address parking issues in the downtown and waterfront areas.
  • Approved capital improvement projects for our one water plan addressing infrastructure issues “ fixing leaky sewer/water pipelines”.
  • Approved a number of other general city capital improvement projects.


  • Improved city Council meeting agenda formats, public comment opportunities, and provided for multiple new opportunities for community engagement in city decision making.
  • Revised the partnership policy, and related policies, in conjunction with the fee study update.
  • Worked to develop stronger coordination, and processes, with community groups in support of advancing mutually beneficial initiatives and goals.
  • Implemented mayor updates via  social media videos to keep the city informed on Covid-19 related issues.


  • Continued  to participate on the federal  Bureau of Ocean Energy Management’s task force to bring clean wind energy off the coast of Morro Bay.
  • Began working with VISTRA (formerly DYNEGY) Energy to facilitate re-development of the old plant site.(Including the initial review of a proposed lithium ion battery project.
  • Responded to the devastating financial impacts of COVID-19 on our city, cutting spending by $1.6 million and utilizing adequate financial reserves to achieve a balanced city budget that maintains essential public safety and general city services.
  • Supported local businesses to facilitate continuity of services during COVID-19.
  • Facilitated a community group that revised our short term vacation rental ordinance. Recommendations from the group have gone to the  Planning Commission and TBID Board and will be considered by the city Council in October.
  • Continued to advocate to preserve the natural beauty of our city and to protect our bay, ocean, and other natural resources.
  • Approved new cannabis policies, and  licensure of vendors, allowing for the sale of medical and general retail cannabis Within the city. Also established new cannabis taxes that will benefit the city financially.
  • Approved a number of new projects within the city that will contribute to improved city revenues.
  • Strengthened public safety within the city by approving new capital purchases for both police and fire departments.

Together, We Can Make This a Reality

Dr. John Headding