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Re-Elect Dr. John Headding for Mayor

Why I am running for mayor:

We must continue to preserve the unique small Harbor town nature of Morro Bay, while concurrently embracing change to improve our economic and financial position. Under my leadership the City has established new policies that have resulted in significant increases in our financial reserves that has allowed us to continue to provide core public safety services despite the devastating loss of revenues due to Covid-19. We have started construction of our new water reclamation facility, which will provide us with a new source of clean, reclaimed water for generations to come. Strong advocacy efforts by myself in Washington D.C. And Sacramento have allowed the City to obtain federal and state loan guarantees for the project at unexpectedly low interest rates resulting in debt savings to the City in excess of over 30 million dollars! We have also reduced our CalPERS pension liability through prepayments of several of our fund debts.

I will continue to advocate for sound fiscal policies, diversification of our economic revenue base, transparency in government, protection of our bay and Harbor, and expansion of our tourism (post Covid-19) and fishing industries.  I promise to continue to work hard to eliminate wasteful spending, further reduce our pension liabilities, support local businesses with business-friendly policy development, and complete our new water treatment facility. Finally, I will continue to support local police and fire services to protect our public safety.

About Dr. John Headding:

My career involves the management of complex organizations.

Occupation: Mayor of Morro Bay

I have been a department director in hospitals, and was CEO/COO of multiple hospitals for almost 20 years. My background includes a Masters Degree in healthcare administration, Doctor of Pharmacy degree, and a Bachelor of Science degree in pharmacy.

I operated a successful family owned-and-operated business in Morro Bay for over ten years.

Thanks to your support, I was elected to the City Council of Morro Bay in 2014.

I currently serve, and have served, on the following countywide positions:


1) Vice chair, San Luis Obispo County area pollution control district board. (SLO APCD)
2) Member, inter-agency task force for wind energy, Bureau of Ocean  Energy Management. (BOEM)
3) Member, California Joint Powers Insurance Agency. (CJPIA)
4) Delegate, California League of Cities.
5) Alternate Board Member, San Luis Obispo Council of Governments. (SLOCOG)
6) Alternate Government Representative, San Luis Obispo  County Economic Vitality Corporation.
7) Member, SLO County Mayor’s Council.
8) Alternate Board Member, Monterey Bay Power Corporation.

Past positions:

1) Board member,  SLO County Integrated Waste Management Authority. (IMWA)
2) Board member, San Luis Obispo Council of Governments. (SLOCOG)
3) Government Representative, San Luis Obispo County Economic Vitality Corporation.

John & Sue Headding

John Headding & Grandchildren (Stewart & Hannah)

I would appreciate your vote for Mayor, November 3, 2020.

Together, We Can Make This a Reality

Dr. John Headding
  • I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing Dr. John Headding for nearly ten years. I am confident the decisions he makes are solely for the good of the people. I look forward to seeing what our council will do next under his strong leadership and the progression of our city that will follow. Dr. John Headding has my support for re-election for Mayor of Morro Bay.

    Jen Ford

  • We have been lucky to have a calm and civil leader as Mayor these past two years. Under John Headding the City is finally going in the right direction, with the WRF well under way and award-winning fiscal management. There's more to do, so let's stay the course with John and get it done right.

    Glenn Silloway

  • Mayor Headding has consistently fostered civil and productive dialog. His reelection will ensure our community is able to continue progress on historic challenges such as the WRF, economic recovery, and balancing growth with preserving the character of Morro Bay. Mayor Headding has provided strong leadership to deliver balanced City budget's and ensuring we are providing the best services possible while appropriately planning for the future. I enthusiastically support reelecting John Headding for Mayor of Morro Bay!

    Noah Smukler

  • In my opinion there is no real choice if we all wish Morro Bay to remain a viable city. John has shown himself to be a very engaged in our total community and serving all interests in the city. The fact is that Morro Bay is a vacation destination and our local economy depends on leadership considering business interests serving our benefactors (The guests in our town) and residents alike. John and the City Councils task is one that is very difficult to navigate due to the various stakeholders and the fact that in almost all decisions there will be people unhappy. It's the sign of a true leader to stay focused on the facts and not be swayed by emotion and the noise that we find in politics today. The decision making in our city is what will determine our future, bright or bleak.

    Morro Bay is at a critical junction due to the cities budget shortfall, the shock of COVID-19, rising ocean levels, and our ever expanding population. The decisions our leaders make in the next 2 years will make all the difference in our collective futures. It's not a time to question proven leadership and adopt radical methods or postures that will only lead to failure and pain for all of us in the city.

    I embrace the vision that John has shared with me where Morro Bay evolves to be more than the budget destination on the Central Coast. Our city is very special and can be so much more with the sustained leadership we have enjoyed over the last 2 years. As a business owner living in Los Osos I don't have a vote but I encourage each of you to vote for John and stay with a proven leader. I really don't want to imagine where our city will be if we don't make the right choice. These are critical times needing critical thinking on our choice for Mayor of Morro Bay. Please support John Headding for this important job and stay the course.

    Nick Juren Small Business owner in Morro Bay

  • John Headding's leadership in Morro Bay, both as Mayor and as a City Councilmember, has been focused on ensuring our future as an independent, vibrant, and sustainable city. John's business background, including owning his own business, will help him create a robust post Covid-19 economic recovery needed for our businesses while his health care experience, as a pharmacist, helped Morro Bay develop programs to keep residents safe from the virus. In challenging times like these, John is a visionary leader with a proven track record and boundless energy to keep moving Morro Bay forward. Let's re-elect Mayor Headding!

    Christine Johnson

  • Mayor Headding is the clear choice for Morro Bay's future, he has a real vision to improve the lives of residents and our economy while maintaining the character of the city. During these difficult times we need an experienced leader who has a broad understanding of the many aspects required to make our city thrive again. I'm concerned that if other parties gain city leadership it will be a significant blow to our small businesses, employees and our local economy. Let's make the smart choice and re-elect Mayor Headding, it's the right path forward. Thank you John for your service to the city.

    Robert Elzer

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